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Hello, I am Randy, AKA Real-Crypto,
Trading is not an easy task, I have trained hundreds of traders to be better and I teach sound trading concepts and help people keep their accounts. There are dozens of successful traders in our Slack community and if you want to level up quickly I personally analyze the markets and teach during the Power Hour.

Power Hour

Real-Crypto LIVE Everyday

Everyday Real-Crypto dedicates an hour to answer any questions Power Hour subscribers have about markets, crypto, charts and what ever else you would like advise on.


Subject Matter that Matters

We offer live and pre-recorded webinars on Cryptocurrency subject matter that can not only help build your foundational understanding, but also explain the psychology behind this trading method.


Trade with our Community!

Trading is very isolating and the learning curve is much harder by yourself. Put yourself in the same room with Real-Crypto and other top traders spotting charts and explaining the markets.

I’m subscribed to DOZENS of “crypto experts” on youtube and I have to say the irony is the only one who knows their s*** is you Randy, the one with less than 50k subscribers, as opposed to the “expert” FOMO/FUD moon kiddies who got lucky by getting invested early and have a huge social media following as well as those that basically manipulate people into phishing scams (Trevon James & Craig Grant) great examples….I unsubscribed to all those channels except yours…..$50 a month is a STEAL compared to the advise you offer.

Ahmed Tarabichi

Randy, your power hour is one the best decisions I’ve made. Earlier I used to FOMO a lot. Of late I am waiting for your discussion before making any decision. Thank You ?

Ravi N

Power Hour
I was a bit flustered that I missed the power hour this afternoon … I envy those lucky bastards who managed to attend everyone for free and I hope they showed support because you very much deserve it.

Ahmed Tarabichi

Thanks for all the great content. You are the only YouTuber that I watch 100% of posted videos.


There’s plenty of people who give crypto advise and offer it. But you are no bulls*** and ridiculously intelligent…. I remember taking your advise on an OmiseGo breakout and it doubled my money. Granted I ended up bag holding it and lost it all but I’ll never forget that day.

Ahmed Tarabichi