Chatrooms are great for trading, people post great information and you can talk with some great traders and contribute to the community yourself. I have learned so much in some great chatrooms over the years.

Free Chatroom

Our free chatroom is a great place to come hang out and talk to some real good traders. Our chatroom has different rooms for different concepts such as:

  • Bitcoin room
  • Trading sayings
  • Random
  • HODLers room
  • Buy Points and Charts
  • New Coins
  • Stocks


Our Exclusive Chatroom is where Real-Crypto goes over charts, shares analysis and spends a majority of his time. Real time trades are posted as well as chart analysis for any request. Timely webinars are given at least once a week on topics that the room wants to hear and he’s also super funny and extraordinarily good looking.

Space is limited to the first 100 people and will be available soon.

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Exclusive Chatroom Coming Soon!