The Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns Version 2 by Bulkowski

This is a must-have if you’re looking at chart patterns, my book gets a lot of use. It is expensive at around $75 depending on when you look at it. I have the first edition and its good but apparently they aren’t printing it anymore, I have a link below to the original. The second edition has all the old charts with some new ones as well.

The Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns Version 1 by Bulkowski

This is the old edition, its going to be hit and miss to find it on Amazon.

How to Make Money in stocks by William J Oneil

Buy this book. Its has so much good information in it, its the best deal around. It is a book about stocks so some of the information doesnt pertain to Crypto’s however you will find parallels.

How to Make Money in Stocks  – Success Stories by Amy Smith

Buy this book as well. It won’t teach you about charts much but it will teach you the mindset and give you some fantastic stories of people who made it and became successful. It’s only $8, however, your feeling after reading this book is worth much more.

Principles by Ray Dalio

Ray Dalio is the founder of Bridgewater Associates the most successful Hedge Fund in the world and Ray is worth $19B according to Forbes. This book is about how to improve yourself and your business by being radically open-minded. Something this trader knows all too much about! This is one of the best bargains in books. $18 for like 600 pages.