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The Power Hour is our Bitcoin Daily service where we discuss the markets, current market action and give you the tools to make better decisions!

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We dive into the Newsletter during the Power Hour, you get much more detail into the Newsletter, my thoughts and we discuss ANYTHING you need! I encourage questions!

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Time is 4pm GMT and 9am MST(Arizona)



There are always levels to pay attention to and we have Alerts on these levels! These alert can go hand in hand with your strategies or you can chose to ignore them but they get you ALERTED to key times in the markets!

Thanks Paul!

Custom Indicators


We have many custom indicators that you can utilize if you like!

Volume Aggregation, Moving Average(s), Follow Through Day, Breadth Indicator!

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Get the latest updates in a quick daily format!

Follow Through Day System


Derived from Investors Business Daily’s Follow Through Day system we have made it work for crypto! This gives you a bias for being bullish or bearish on the market!

The FTD system is an unbiased system that uses simple price and action signals and has proven itself time and time again!

Real-Crypto Power Hour

Join Randy every day discussing the charts, trading strategy and market cycles. With the subscription you receive:

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  • Custom indicators, Volume Aggregation, Bar Tzar, Breadth Indicator, Multiple MA tool
  • Tons of great tools to help you get started
  • 7 days a week streams
Thanks for all the great content. You are the only YouTuber that I watch 100% of posted videos!